About Ruthcreek

Generations of cooks using only the best cookware, who value time spent with family and giving and receiving through nourishment. Cooking has turned into an expression of creativity and satisfaction. What better way to connect with those you love than to share a meal together? Celebrate a world of joy in your life and your memories through the timeless high quality products that Ruthcreek sells.


Ruthcreek was started in 2015 and funded through a consortium by Spintop Ventures, Innovestor, Galton Voysey and a handful of angel investors. Unfortunately, Ruthcreek.com never quite took off, therefore on July 23rd 2018, it was decided by our funders, they would no longer support Ruthcreek and it was ultimately decided that Ruthcreek would shut down its store on December 31st, 2018. To signify our store closing, we will be selling out most of our stock allocated in the coming weeks and months. Thanks are owed to Galton Voysey for allowing Ruthcreek to sell brands that they manage on Ruthcreek.com, allowing us to complete this journey on a positive note (and finally, possibly generating some sales growth for Ruthcreek.com after all this time).